Appointment, Scheduling and Calendar app for any service driven business


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Why Us

We are committed to providing our clients the best solutions to automate their business

Our Solutions


Effortless bookings ​

Offer to your clients 24/7 booking option and reach your maximum productivity and performance​

Automated Reminders

Achieve seamless communications between you and your customers with no effort by using our sophisticated workflow management​

Multi-Locations and Services

Appoinly provides the opportunity for businesses that operating in multiple locations to offer a centralised booking solution 

Group Appointments

Customers can book group appointments 

Recurring Appointments

Customers can book recurring appointments 

Business Hours

Now tenants can record the business hours of their company or even the working hours of a member of their staff

Sophisticated Pricing

A staff member can charge a different price for a service

Unique Booking

Your customers can book directly from your own website or from your unique URL that is offered by Appoinly

User Panels

Customers and Staff get their own panel in order to view, book, edit or pay for Appointments

Mobile App

Appoinly offers to you the opportunity to build your own Mobile App in competitive prices! Now your customers will be able to contact you, book an appointment or find information about your business through your mobile app.


We are offering to you a plethora of integrations in order to reach your targets


We are offering to you a large variety of plans in order to reach your targets

Individuals ...

Our Individual Packages include solutions for Individuals seeking for a professional and cost-efficient solution



Our Individual Packages include solutions for Individuals seeking for a professional and cost-efficient solution

Business ...

Our Business Packages include solutions for Small, Medium and Large Busineses seeking for a professional solution to automate their business







Online ...

Our Online Packages include solutions for Professionals seeking to work Online and Offline







Appoinly is everything you need to automate your service driven business!

The best Appointment Scheduling and Calendar app for any service driven business

Frequent Asked Questions

Appoinly has its own Desktop and Tablet Apps. However, there is no need to install any software in order to access Appoinly. Appoinly is a cloud-based solution that you can access from any browser. 

Each Business or Individual subscribed to the service will be asked to choose a unique name in order to be integrated to Appoinly web address (e.g. As a result, customers will be able to book directly from Appoinly. Alternatively, if you already own your own website you will be able to integrate Appoinly to your website.

Your account will be created as soon as you Sign Up to Appoinly. Then, you will be asked to insert the information of your company (Logo, Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Business Hours, and the Services of your company). After filling your business information you will be able to receive bookings from your customers.    

In order to Purchase a plan you need to Sign Up to Appoinly. Then, the Starter plan will automatically assigned  to your account. In order to purchase a premium plan you will need to access  “Billing” from the Dashboard and pay for your preferred plan. If you need any further assistance follow the steps here or Contact Us.

If you need any customisations or support  after purchasing your package please contact us in order to provide you the best possible solutions. 

Because each service business is different, you will need to choose how your customers will be notified. Notifications can include but not limited to reminders of next appointments, reminders for booking status or even emails that will include Invoices. Notifications can be sent by e-mail, WhatsApp SMS or SMS depending on your package. You will be able to find guidance how to set up notifications here.


Yes, you can receive payments or deposits by using the integrated Stripe and Paypal Solutions. Other solutions can be available upon request.

Of course, you will be able to insert you business hours, days off, holidays or your breaks during the day to Appoinly. Therefore, your customers will be able make booking only for your available hours.

Yes, Appoinly offers the opportunity for staff to have their own profiles, with Business owners to be able to set restrictions to the content that staff members will access.

You will be able to generate a QR code from your Appoinly Profile and provide it to your customers. 

Yes, we offer an App solution that your customers will access and book their Appointments,  find information about your business or even Chat with you.  Please Contact Us in order to learn more information about our Unique Solution.